Faculty and students at the Virtual Reality laboratory is exploring new ways of merging computation techniques with haptics, real time computer graphics, robotics, and human-machine interfaces to solve problems in design and medicine. Recent projects have ranged from developing touch sensation for medical robotics to new brain computer interface for controlling manufacturing robots. New VR based skill trainers for medical training and surgical planning is paving the way for improving healthcare outcomes. VR lab is equipped with a range of advanced devices such as VR head mounted displays, a RAVEN II surgical robot, several haptic devices, BCI devices, 3D imaging devices, 3D printers and cutting edge high performance computers.

Our work is supported by National Science Foundation, Jump ARCHES endowment, and industrial support from many sources. Please contact us if you have an idea for a collaborative project.

VR Lab is located in the Health Care Engineering Systems Center at CSL Studios and we also have laboratory at the Transportation Building in the Urbana Campus.

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For more information contact our lab director Prof. Kesh Kesavadas: kesh at illinois.edu or Dr. Pramod: pramodch at illinois.edu


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